The Junior College Tour

Each year during spring break, the school runs two separate college tours for current students.

The trips are planned with several goals in mind.  Participation on this trip is meant to serve as an introduction to the college search process.  For many this will be the initial opportunity to get a first-hand look at campuses in a different part of the country.  The selected colleges represent a range of choices within a variety of categories and criteria:  student population, location (urban, rural and suburban), type of institution (liberal arts and science, specialized, research, and comprehensive), community values, and degree of selectivity, as well as covering broad geographic locations that would otherwise not easily be convenient to visit on your own.  The purpose of the trip is not necessarily for students to find the one perfect college or to visit the most well-known and popular schools, but rather to help students sort out the criteria and features that will be important in their search processes. 

A typical campus visit will include an informational session with an admissions officer, a tour of the campus, and, whenever possible, a visit with HW alumni who can give the most informed perspective to prospective students on transitioning to their particular college.  Because the trips will be chaperoned by deans, there will be ample opportunity for learning about the college process; the chaperones will lead informal debriefing sessions during the week. 

To sign up, please download this year's Tour Rules and Tour Preference sheets, sign them (along with parent signature) and turn them in to Lynn Miller or Camille da Santos in the Dean Coordinators' Office by Friday, December 8th, 2017 at 4 p.m

Tentative Itinerary

Tour Rules

Tour Preference