Welcome from the Upper School Deans!  Over the course of a student’s three years at the Upper School, the student’s dean  will assist him or her in the following areas:

  • Academic Advising: The Dean works with the student throughout the year not only to select and schedule classes, but also to assist the student with any academic challenges he or she faces.
  • College Counseling: While discussions of college primarily take place in the junior and senior years, the deans work with students in the sophomore year to maximize their academic success and to encourage their extracurricular involvement, so as to enhance their college options.  College counseling involves, among other things, educating parents and students on different colleges as well as college admission standards, procedures and trends.  This counseling recognizes the diversity among students at Harvard-Westlake and the obligation of the deans to give individualized guidance.
  • Personal Counseling: During a student’s tenure at the Upper School, he or she may face personal issues that require attention.  The Dean serves as a resource to counsel or refer the student depending on the nature and severity of the issue.  The Deans are also supported by the school chaplain, psychologist and counselors in cases where a student needs additional assistance.

Using this holistic approach, the Deans hope to make each student’s experience at the Upper School a positive one and we look forward to going on this journey with you!