Prefect Council 2017-2018

Prefect Council is the student government on the Upper School campus. Each grade elects four representatives, two boys and two girls. Additionally, two head prefects, a senior boy and girl, run and organize the group, setting its goals and leading its meetings. Prefect Council members serve many functions: they sit on Honor Board cases, help their peers plan events (such as Prom), and try to improve students daily life on campus. 

Upcoming Events

Coffeehouse: TBA in February


Meet the Council:

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Julia Cosgrove636401752717328216
Julia Cosgrove '18

Wilder Short636404068291275276
Wilder Short '18

JP Cherry636404062765989274
JP Cherry '18

Sarah Conway
Sarah Conway '18

Princie Kim636404063480893419
Princie Kim '18

Eli Timoner
Eli Timoner '18

Kevin Chen636403225149598115
Kevin Chen '19

Caroline Cook
Caroline Cook '19

Chase Garvey-Daniels '19

Ryan Stanford636401789176913219
Ryan Stanford '19

Noah Aire
Noah Aire '20

Grace Burton

Grace Burton '20

Michael Lehroff
Michael Lehrhoff '20

Jaya Nayar
Jaya Nayar '20