Summer Opportunities

Every year, Harvard-Westlake School receives information about many opportunities for summer enrichment. Some of these programs are academic, some involve travel, and others involve entirely new experiences. Their main purpose is to help students gain confidence and develop independence. We have created a directory to help parents and students alike research the different summer opportunities that exist here and abroad. By offering this information to you, we are hoping that you can make an informed decision about this summer. While we have created this website to help you with your summer plans, Harvard-Westlake does not endorse or make any guarantees about any of these programs.

To access the directory, please login to your account by clicking the login button above on the right. Then, click on the summer programs directory below.

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If you have participated in a summer program that is not listed here, please let us know about that program by emailing Zaakirah Daniels at

Gap Years

More and more students are taking gap years and delaying college matriculation for a year in order to work, travel, and/or serve different communities. Many colleges encourage gap years. For many of our students, investigating options in this direction can be a great fit and offer experiences that could deepen their focus and enjoyment of their first years in college.

Students who are planning a gap year will still go through the college admissions process during senior year. Many colleges encourage gap years and are excited to defer a student’s admission for one-year to allow for this experience. In May, students should contact the college to which they have deposited and inquire about deferring their enrollment for a year. A student’s dean can help navigate this process.

The Kutler Center has more information about gap year opportunities including the Harvard-Westlake Gap Year Fellowship programs.

Good luck with your research!