Stone-cutters Editor Job Descriptions

Editors are generally (although not necessarily) students who have played a role in previous year’s issues. The editor positions are generally filled by seniors. There are four editor positions -- literary, art, print and web.

Editor Responsibilities:

Before Selection-day Responsibilities:

  • First and foremost, be a voice for Stone-cutters. Spread the word about who we are, what we do, and how others can be involved. While posters and Facebook posts are good, one of our primary tasks with the magazine is to find new and more effective ways of generating interest. This will be the major task of the editors at the beginning of the year, and we’re looking for people who will be creative and energetic about this part of the process.

  • Weekly emails to staff and advisers addressing two major questions: 

    • What is the status of our publication? (Soliciting student work, reviewing student work, working with publications department, etc.)

    • How can the staff help? (Come to meeting on X date at X time, solicit at least three student pieces, etc.)
  • Schedule meetings with full staff as needed. Work with your co-editors and advisers to set agenda for meeting.

  • Work with your co-editors to create and maintain Stone-cutters website.

  • Organize Saturday selection day.

Post Selection-day Responsibilities:

  • Organize layout day, when staff decides which art pieces to pair with the literary selections.

  • Prepare key for publication students.

  • Follow up with publication students about layout to answer any questions they may have.

  • With your co-editors and advisers, do a final edit of all proofs, looking for any spelling errors, misnamed pieces, etc.

  • Distribute magazines to appropriate places—Quad, English Department, Art Department, etc.

  • Celebrate your success in creating a gorgeous issue and in advancing and improving the school’s literary and visual arts culture throughout the year!

Please respond to each item below, and deliver the application to the appropriate adviser by 9 am on Monday, May 16. If you prefer to type the application and send through email, that’s fine.


Stone-cutters Editor Application                                                               


Year you will graduate:

English & Art teacher(s) at the upper school:

Your dean:

Another faculty member we can contact for a reference:

Which position are you applying for (visual arts, literary arts, print, web)?

Why are you interested in being an editor?

If applying for the literary editor position, please describe your experience with creative writing classes, literary magazines, editing, and/or reading. If applying for the art editor position, please describe your experience with art classes, art events, art publications/websites, and critiques. If applying for the web editor position, please describe your experience with any online blogs or other online publishing.

Describe your vision for the magazine and club:

One of the most important aspects of this position is being able to rally troops, encourage others, and just be a positive leader. Describe a time when you stepped up as a leader in a situation with lots of people around. What was the situation? What were the challenges? How did you react? What was the outcome?

Please list your extra-curricular activities below (sports, clubs, etc.). How will these time commitments impact your ability to be a consistent and reliable editor? How will you manage all of your responsibilities?

What else should we know about you?

Please submit by 9 am, May 16, 2016.
Art and print editor applications should be sent to
Literary and web editor applications should be sent to