HW Community Organizations

Below is a list of all the community service clubs on the upper school campus. The club's name, description, and leaders are listed. Please contact communitycouncil@hw.com for more details.


American Red Cross Club

The American Red Cross club aims to mobilize volunteers and donors to help alleviate people’s suffering as a result of disasters or emergencies occurring. The club focuses on providing opportunities for students to volunteer with West LA region’s Red Cross members. It also gives students the opportunity to get training in CPR/first aid, as well as learning more about disaster preparedness education.

Alexandra So, Megan Chang

Cadence for a Cause

Cadence for a Cause strives to spread the joy of music throughout all parts of Los Angeles. Over the past three years, under the guidance of the distinguished musicians in Street Symphony, we have performed numerous free concerts for the underprivileged and underserved at People Assisting the Homeless, Skid Row, Midnight Mission, and other locations. Through giving back to our community, our purpose is to inspire our audiences and simultaneously better ourselves.

Andrew Gong 

Cards for Humanity

Cards for Humanity seeks to raise awareness and benefit student-chosen causes through their own artistic expression in the form of greeting cards. Members will hold 2-3 card sales throughout the entire year where 100% of the proceeds will go towards charitable organizations of their choice. Each sale will highlight and benefit a different organization in order to cover a wide range of causes that members believe are important to them. Weekly meetings will be held to create cards, discuss organizations members want to benefit, and finalize plans for card sales.

Patrick Castillo

Harvard-Westlake Miles of Smiles Club (HWMoS)

The Harvard-Westlake Miles of Smiles Club strives to help the children at Children's Hospital Los Angeles receive necessary medical care. Throughout the year, we will hold various fundraisers, in which all proceeds go towards the Children's Hospital LA's Helping Hands Fund. The Helping Hands Fund strives to help children regardless of their family's financial situation, and our goal is to raise awareness about these children in order to help them to the best of our ability.

Taia Cheng

Harvard-Westlake Outreach Performers (HWOP)

Harvard Westlake Outreach Performers is a club that brings art to communities that might not otherwise have it. We rehearse as a company to produce shows for elementary schools and senior citizens homes that will enrich their everyday lives. Our main goal is to share our love of art, and being creative, with our Los Angeles community through the songs, improv games, arts and crafts, and many more activities that we do when we perform. We know how much a community can benefit from art, and getting to share our love of art with those who need it most is an amazing experience.

Catherine Crouch, Chase Garvey-Daniels, Alex Goldstein 

Heal the Bay Club

Heal The Bay Club aims to get students involved in cleaning the beaches of LA, preserving the coastal community. We have fun HW community cleanups as well as opportunities for students to clean the beach at their own leisure.

Keila McCabe

HW Poverty Relief

“HW Poverty Relief” is the Harvard-Westlake representation for organizations whose goal is to end the injustice of poverty across the world. We organize fundraisers to provide families with shelter and children with education, as well as promote discussion about the extremity of poverty and hunger as members of a privileged school.

Joshua Lee, Chase Garvey-Daniels

Immigration and Citizenship Assistance Club

Members of the Citizenship and Immigration Assistance Club will volunteer at monthly clinics, where they will assist Spanish-speaking immigrants through the lengthy citizenship application process. Harvard-Westlake students learning Spanish at school will be able to apply their skills to a situation that really matters and earn service hours.

Emily Wesel, Meera Sastry, Lauren Witmer 

Papyrus Literacy Project

The Papyrus Literacy Project aims to promote early literacy skills in limited English speaking households, or households with no adults fluent in English. Club members use the skills they learn in the classroom, such as their foreign language skills, to create free resources and tutor students both online and in-person.

Alison Oh 

Wolverines for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (WETA)

WETA is a club dedicated to raising awareness and support for animal rights in our community and the world at large. WETA strives to do this by educating members in the community and encouraging them to make a difference in the lives of animals.

Amelia Koblentz

Bridge to Build a Brighter Future

Bridge to Build a Brighter Future provides an opportunity for Harvard-Westlake students to peer tutor students from Valor Academy in math. Through this community service program, a one-to-one Skype meeting will take place after school, once a week, to help middle school students.

William Seymour

Connect 4 Cancer

Connect 4 Cancer Club hosts fundraisers and bake sales, decorates cards to send to Cancer patients and spreads awareness for each cancer month. All money made from fundraisers is donated to the Connect 4 Cancer organization.

Rachel Grode, Kala Fejzo

Chinese Pen Pal Club

The Chinese Pen Pal Club’s main goal is to help HW Students reach out and get to know students in China. It is an amazing experience and opportunities to learn about their culture and interests, and, of course to make a new friend!

Astor Wu 

Tutoring Partners Club

We tutor underserved kids every Saturday at an organization called Children’s Institute Inc.

Chloe Kim, Harrison Listen, PJ Smith