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The Monday night peer support program is open to the entire high school. There are no limits on the number of members that the program will serve. Senior leaders serve as mentors to the junior trainees within each group. Ideally, each group has two senior leaders and two junior trainees. Groups meet formally once a week after school and discuss any issues, whether trivial or serious, that the group members have on their minds. Prior to the group meetings, refreshments are provided and members gather to socialize and mingle with each other. This creates a greater sense of community among all of the participants in peer support.

Useful Resources For Teen Issues

Another important component of our Peer Support program is to be knowledgeable of the various teen issues that we must deal with, either for ourselves, or for our peers. We have therefore compiled a useful list of facts and statistics of some of the more serious teen issues. We hope these resources will serve as a brief overview and reference for the various issues we have had to deal with. More detailed information can be found by calling some of the listed hotlines and visiting the web sites referenced in this section. We gathered these resources as a result of contacting "Teen Line" of California. But as you will see, many are national toll-free numbers. We encourage you to locate your own local, state, provincial, or national resources that can be accessed by toll-free telephone or the "Internet." 

Beyond Teen Issues.......

Check out Peer Resources, the primary source for Peer, Mentor and Coach resources. A web site that is truly incredible. One that is valuable for students, advisors, and parents.

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